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50% Off D EXCEED Turquoise Magnet Clasp Bracelet

This series of bracelets / necklaces/ bracelets & necklace set has 19 colors for you choosing Magnetic closure end helps you more easily to put on or take off it Early Festival Offer: Save $3.00 purchase 2 items, Enter code L3RLQPYO at checkout. Save $5.00 purchase 3 items, Enter code UJ3GSQAG at checkout. Save $10.00 purchase 5 items, Enter code 9D3CFBL2 at checkout All seasons design, perfect for evening party and any other occasions, or just daily wearing. Package - quality soft grey Velvet Pocket gift packaging. Great gifts for you or you loved one. Original and Unique Idea 1. This handmade necklaces/bracelets with pretty awesome magnetic end is very strong as we use high quality magnet. Compared with other common lobster clasp neckalces or bracelets its easy to put on and pick off. 2. This bohemian style combined with fashion elements of silver/gold tubes makes them versatile. This bracelets/neckalces is a very light weight, elegant looking creation. It is very neat to wear for any occasion. It can be worn for an elegant event or casual occasions. 3. Based on the majority's wrist size, we designed its size as 7.5 inches. Basic Jewelry Care Wearing Jewelry 1.Remove Jewelry During Tasks 2.Put Jewelry On After Applying Makeup 3.Don't Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools and Spas 4.Contact Sports and Jewelry Don't Mix Storing Jewelry - using D Exceed Soft Grey Velvet Pocket 1. Keep Your Jewelry Secure 2. Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing 3. Inventory Your Jewelry 4. When Traveling with Jewelry D Exceed Jewelry Story - The unique and newest styling of costume jewelry, aiming for a better match with your honor dressing and creating a special look & sense of beauty and elegance. D Exceed was created out of a need for current fashion jewelries and scarves at an accessible price point. Our trend spotting department in the most modern cities take inspiration from high fashion couture runways and current street style. D Exceed uses a wide range of materials and expert finishing techniques to deliver fashion forward designer scarves and jewelries

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