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500 Disposable Face Masks - 10 Boxes of 50 Masks - Premium Quality with Ultra Protection and Comfort Design

500 Masks - 10 Boxes of 50. Be Safer / Breathe Easier / Our Masks are Made in Vietnam in an FDA Certified ISO 9002 Facility. There's a reason that Vietnam has virtually no cases of the Corona Virus! For maximum protection and safety, you should change your mask often and properly. 10 Boxes of the highest-quality FDA Certified Medical Masks. 4 Layers of protection including a Moisture Barrier for maximum protection! You'll receive 500 Disposable Face Masks packed in 10 easy to use dispenser boxes. Each box has two inner-packs of 25 masks. Don't just wear any mask! Don't buy the poorly made masks from China. You get what you pay for. So ask yourself one question: Are you worth it? Our SUPERIOR QUALITY masks are designed to actually work! For a few extra pennies, these masks with an extra layer of protection are worth it! See the box to understand the superior differences in these masks! Our Disposable Face Masks designed for maximum comfort and safety featuring our 4-Layer Breathe Easy Comfort Design and Ultra Filtration System.

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