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BigTron Hammock Hanging Kit, Swivel Hook, Stainless Steel 600lb Capacity, Perfect for Hammocks, Chairs, Beds, Baskets, Furniture, Swings Out...

Description: Weight:500g Material Type:Stainless Steel The perfect kit for mounting your hanging hammock or swinging chair. Included in the kit: Ceiling Mount - 316 stainless steel mounting plate securely bolts into beams, boards, or any other overhead surface. Spring Hook - Rated over 500lb capacity. The spring helps relieve stress from impacts,and will increase the lifespan of your hammock, in addition the mounting surface. Hook Swivel - The hook/swivel will securely clip onto your hammock or swinging chair, enabling to you spin and twist without tangling or having to untwist. Package Including: 1 * wall hanging 1 * spring 1 * hook 1 * connection attachment 8 * stainless mounting screws(for wooden beam mount and Concrete mount)

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