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Minidiva Nebulizing Diffuser - Essential Pure Oil Diffuser with High-Frequency Vibration Nebulizing Technology, Super Quiet, 4 Timers and Au...

Advantages of MiniDiva Essential Pure Oil Diffuser Patented nebulizing technology - Direct and linear diffusion of essential oil, for high-fidelity oil misting. Super Quiet - 38 dB below noise performance, perfect for bedrooms 700 Square Feet Coverage - Essential oil can be transferred to nano molecules that is easy to disperse into air for people to take in oil benefits. 100% natural essential oil -No water, no mess, no dilution of aroma therapeutic benefits. Built-in battery - USB powered,compatible with multiple USB interfaces,easy to use. User experience - portable, easy to operate, refill reminder. Please Note: Only use 100% pure essential oil, Other types, such as fragrance and synthetic oils. It is not recommended to add water, if adding water may generate noise, but does not affect the use. Please do not invert the product for more than 2 seconds to prevent the essential oil from overflowing. Essential oil is not included in the oil bottle. Product Description Charger: Adaptor with rechargeable battery Charging Time: Approximate 4 hours Battery Duration: 8 hours at Medium Consumption: About 1 mL/h for High, 0.5 mL/h for Medium, 0.1 mL/h for Low Noise Level: 38 dB ; Coverage: 700 Square ft. Voltage: DC 5V 1A; Battery capacity: 2200 mAh Oil Bottle: Applicable 10 mL, 15 mL ; Bottle diameter: 18 mm Product Size: L5.1*W1.65*H5.98in ; Gift Box: L190*W190*H50mm Net Weight: 0.28 KG (Product) Read more Better Aromatherapy Experience With direct and linear diffusion of essential oils,consumers can enjoy continuous aroma therapeutic benefits from original herbs. No water is used, so you will never forget to add water. Because it does not use heat, it is safe and easy to use. The rechargeable wireless telephone is compact and easy to carry. Super Quiet(≤ 38 dB) With outstanding low-noise performance,it is perfect for your bedroom and nighttime use. Even if you are not satisfied with the operation sound so far, you can still be satisfied with the original technology of achieving silence. You can enjoy the wonderful fragrance in the living room, bedroom and travel destination! Full Spectrum Oil Adaptability Of the 10 ml and 15 ml bottles of essential oil sold by other companies, about 95% have a diameter of 18 mm, so they can be installed as is. You can easily install your favorite aroma brand bottle. When buying large bottles or if the size of the bottle is not suitable, please use the essential oil bottle included in the bottle. 100% Safe ( BPA-Free ) The Waterless Diffuser uses high quality BPA-free plastic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is the best choice for your kids and your families, use it to improve the atmosphere quality. It can resist corrosion by oils, including citrus. Our diffuser works perfectly & predictably with CE certifications. Read more Operating Instruction Power on/Power off Power on Press POWER for 3 seconds, 3 mode lights will flash till the nebulizer detects essential oil , then operate under pre-set mode (default mode at "HIGH" for 1 hour). Power off Press POWER for 3 seconds, 3 mode lights will be flashing for 20 seconds, then power off. W When timer is up, the mode lights will be flashing for 20 seconds, then power off. 3 Mist Modes Press POWER to select (intermittent and cycling) LOW: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 190 seconds, LOW mode indicator light on. MEDIUM: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 30 seconds, LOW and MEDIUM mode indicator lights on. HIGH: 10 seconds diffusing and pause for 10 seconds, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH mode indicator lights on. Timer Selection Press TIMER to select - hour work time, "1" light on. - 2-hour work time, "2" light on. - 4-hour work time, "4" light on. - 8-hour work time, 3 indicators light off. What is inside of the package? 1 * Nebulizing Diffuser 1 * Oil bottle (Oil is not included) 1 * USB Charging Cable 1 * Adaptor 1 * User Manual 1 * Packing Box Read more

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