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Pycnogenol Pine Bark Supplement - Support for Circulatory Health, Mental Function and Vision Health - 60 Capsules.

The bark of maritime pine trees (French origins) grows in countries on the Mediterranean Sea and has been used as an herbal medicine with anti-inflammatory properties. Pycnogenol Pine Bark contains substances that improve blood flow, stimulate the immune system. Pine bark extract can be used for overall health. It enhances circulation, boosts performance, and vitality. It also helps in a healthy aging process, maintains healthy skin, improves athletic endurance, and supports male fertility. Give your immune system a bark boost. Studies suggest that Pine Bark, when taken daily, can help to boost body's natural defense system. Pycnogenol Pine Bark is the perfect fit for a healthy lifestyle. It has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as increasing overall athletic performance. Increased blood flow and circulation help to aid in a faster recovery whether from a grueling workout or a trans-Atlantic flight. Read more

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