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BigTron Office Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors- PVC Matte 36"x48", Transparent Durable Hardwood Floor Protector

Protect your beautiful hardwood floors or tiles from scratches! BigTron PVC Chair Mat is the best choice for you to protect a hard surface floor. It provides lasting protection while allowing the natural beauty of your hardwood, vinyl or tile floor to shine through. Hardwood floor chair mat creates a protective barrier from wear and everyday damage. Product description: Brand : BigTron Product: 36''x 48'' PVC office floor chair mat for hard floor Dimensions: 36'' * 48'' (900*1200 mm) Thickness : 1.6 mm Material: 100% Polypropylene Color: transparent PVC sheet Shape: Rectangular General Use: home/office use Design: For all types of hard floors (Not recommended for carpet) Package: 1 x PVC Floor Mat(Black) If you use a rolling chair, or move a chair often on the same area this may cause damage to the floors such as: The floorboard will split The floorboard will be scratched The chair will leave hard to remove tracks. Eventually you will need to change the floorboard. 100% PVC Anti-Slip coating backing High Transparent Odor free and More Healthy Slightly textured surface Durable and reliable Roll Easily and Flatten Easily 100% Recyclable Read more The advantage of our chair mats: 100% PVC ----- odorless material, more transparent/clear, and easy to be rolled. High quality, clear mat ----- reveals the beauty of your floor. Textured surface ----- slip-resistance and scuff-resistance. Anti-skid textured ----- comes with a smooth back for hard floors or anti-slip surface for highly polished or filed hard floors. Smooth backing ----- ideal to be used in all hard floors (laminate, wood, tile and other hard floor surfaces) Beveled edge ----- helps the chair to glide easier. Easy to clean ------ Simply wipe your chair mat down with a dishcloth, and water is sufficient to clean the mat. No worries about sticking. Read more 100% PVC Made of premium PVC material. The chair mat is Odorless, no BPA; no phthalate and does not contain any bad odor or toxins. Superior PVC material makes it durable and reliable. Anti-Scratch Our office Chair Mat is made from long-life pure PVC material that protects your floors and prevents everyday wear and tear caused by office chair casters (wheels) and other markings. Anti-Slip BigTron Chair Mat is designed for use on all hard floor surfaces-tile, laminate, hardwood etc. Strong Grip ensures safety when walking on it. The textured surface makes the chairs roll easily. Read more Highly Transparent Made of 100% pure PVC, this chair floor mat is clear and high strength. Allowing you to see the beauty of your floor surface through it. Flat, dirty and damaged floors are a thing of the past. Buy our competitively priced floor mat and you will never regret your choice! Heat Resistant The chair mat is made of high quality durable PVC material, which is not easily deformed and deteriorated at high and low temperatures. It can be flame retardant, more secure, it is not afraid of spontaneous combustion even when it encounters high temperature! Easy to clean Our chair mats are easy to wipe down with soap and water, so you don't have to worry about pigment or drinks dripping onto the floor causing the color to stain the floor and not be able to remove the dust from the floor joints! Easy to roll You can pack the chair mat away when you don't use it, it rolls up easily and when you use it again, just flip it backwards and the wooden floor mat will go flat in no time. How to make me flat? The item is rolled up for shipping because it's soft, shipping in flat is not workable. Genearlly, the vinyl cover flats very quickly when unroll it. In case there are ripples or wrinkles, please try to heat it. There are 5 tips for consideration: Lay it unroll on the sunlight several hours. Heat the item with a hair drier and place something heavy weight on it . Use the steam setting on your iron. Put it in warm water several minutes which make the mat soft, the chair mat will recover flat. After the mat is paved, wipe the floor with a wet cloth, and then lay the mat. In this way, the mat and the floor will match better, and the pulley chair will slide more smoothly.

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