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Delux Water Spray Pad Summer Toys Outdoor Sprinkler Mat for Kids Toddlers Splash Pad Inflatable Water Wading Swimming Pool 60"

Choose Us -Water! !! Children always like to play with water! Summer Marine Theme -Outdoor splash pad for children and toddlers 2-10 years old, the vivid marine theme is perfect for summer outdoor. Let your children and babies passionately enjoy the summer and promote family emotions in play. The soft material will not cause the child to hurt. It is BPA-free, non-toxic, durable, does not fade, and is healthy and safe for children. Size: 60 inches, can accommodate multiple children Scope of Application: Garden, Backyard, Outdoor, Summer water toys. Simple Installation: After connecting the garden hose, the watering splash pad gradually sprays water through the small hole under the water pressure. After about 10 minutes, the water merged in the middle of the splash pad to form a shallow pool. Convenient Storage: Reusable, after use, drain the water completely and then fold the water spray pad. Note: 1. Please do not place the splash pad on a hard surface (concrete, patio, driveway, etc.). When water accumulates in the middle, the watering mat will become slippery, so please let the toddlers sit on the watering mat. 2. Use a lower water pressure, and slowly fill the water spray pad with tap water

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