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Giraffe Power 13" Stainless Steel Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan - Skillet Splatter Guard Protects Skin from Burns, Stops Almost 100%...

Are you tired of dirty clothes with oil stains all over them? And scare of hot oil will splatter and burn your skin? Don't worry, our splatter screen would be perfect for all of your cooking needs! 1. Stops almost 100% of splash and protects you from hot oil. 2. Universal size fits almost all your pots and pans. 3. Heavy duty designed and no need oven mitts more because of the heat resistant plastic handle. 4. Very easy to clean and store. Warranty Policy: We provide with 360 days money back without any question asked and no hassles. Thank you for choosing Giraffe Power splatter guard! Thank you for your Supporting!

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