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Guess What Board Game for Kids, Minidiva Quick Question Card Game Identity Strategy Family Game with Turntable and Timer, for Children Age 6...

Package List Include 50 Pieces Guess Cards 10 Pieces Penalty card 100 Pieces Game Coins 1 Spinner Board, 2- Minute Sand Timer 1 Manual Say Goodbye to Boring Gifts!! Guess the Object Are you worried with kids' acknowledge for animal, object or sport? Are you worried with kids' word memory? Are you afraid of children's social skill and expression skill? 1. Minidiva's card game help you solve the problem!! 2. Then players ask yes or no questions to guess each other's Mystery Character. Read more 2021 New "Guess What" Family Party Game How to Play? 1. Take the arrow of the spinner stops at the specific indication, the player should make the hints according to requirement shown of spinner board. 2. When spinner board points at "Action" or "Sound' of board, player A should start the sand timer and action to the other 2 players. B&C can ask A the questions. 3. If B&C get correct answer, A will get the penalty deck, B&C deduct with 3 makers. Features updated characters and character art not seen in previous version. Each player lays out their Character cards in front of them and picks a Mystery card from the deck.Each player lays out their Character cards in front of them and picks a Mystery card from the deck. Cute Guess Card The board game card's content is wonderful, include weather, sports, object and animal card. Features in blue color, learn with your Eyes, eyes are closer to mind than the tongue and we know that even for adults, visual learning is better and much more effective than plain boring text. Artist Card Deck You can put the card in the deck, cards will not be placed randomly, avoid card lost, help your child develop the habit of tidy arrangement, put the board card in it, you can easy to read!! Fun Spinner Board Everyone can be actioner and guesser, put it in the center of deck, other store don't have turntable, increase the fairness of the game, Children will not quarrel! Win point Card This card is for someone who is win,vivid star style, include 100 pieces, when kids get them, they will be happy!! The board game is intellectual development, from hands-to brain, hand-eye coordination, facilitate parent-child communication. Guess Card Card Deck Spinner Board Point Card A Fast-Paced, participal Board Game The Minidiva's board game comes with a stack of picture cards, each featuring an animal, food, or common object. The categories are few and simple, you'll be racing against the 2-minute sand-clock timer. Can play with a headband Each round moves quickly, ramping up your energy and challenging your wit. You can prepare a headband. The referee deal one card and three star cards to each player, take your card and place it in your adjustable headband without peeking!! Perfect gift for Easter This party game is not only fun, but inherently educational. Kids will cultivate their deductive reasoning skills with the game's simple question-and-answer premise. Through making connections and coming up with questions that will lead to answers. Read more Easy to Understand Manual In order to make things easier, we also added an instruction card along with an answer sheet. Can be played with two to six people and is a game that is easy to bring, Why not play a fun to enjoy your life? Taking it in turns, they flip the timer and ask questions to try and figure out who, or what they are! Read more

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