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JASTEK Breathalyzer, Professional Fuel Cell Sensor Breath Alcohol Tester High-Accuracy Rechargeable Digital Breathalyzer Personal & Professi...

Breathalyzer with Police-grade Accuracy The JASTEK breathalyzer uses police-grade fuel cell sensor technology. It can quickly and accurately detect alcohol levels in your blood in seconds, providing you with high-precision test results. Specification Battery: 3.7V 1000 mAh lithium battery Charging time: 3 hour Blowing Time: 5s Testing records: 123 recent records Battery saved design with USB charging method, low voltage indication Operating Temperature: 32℉-104℉ (0℃-40℃) Storage temperature: -4℉-122℉(-20℃~50℃) Size: About 5.3in x 2.5in x 0.8in Weight: About 190g Default warning value: 0.02% BAC (adjustable) Default danger alarm value : 0.05% BAC (adjustable) Features The breathalyzer is extremely easy to use, it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery (3.7V) that you can use with any USB adapter and comes with a micro USB charging cable The JASTEK professional-grade breathalyzer uses police-grade Fuel Cell Sensor technology and is ideal for applications requiring the most accurate results, such as clinical or roadside alcohol testing or personal BAC monitoring. Safe: Indicates a safe state. Warning: Alert, indicates a warning state before the drunk driving state. The alarm will make a beeping sound. Danger: Indicates a drunk driving state. The alarm will make a beeping sound that will last for 10 seconds. Why choose JASTEK Professional grade breathalyzer? Police-Grade accuracy with each time you test This alcohol tester equipped with the latest professional grade fuel cell sensor technology. It can quickly detect your alcohol concentration in your breath to provide you with the most accurate results, ranging from 0.000~5.000‰BAC or 0.00~0.500%BAC or 0.000~2.500 mg/L (BAC can be set by yourself) helps you make the smart choice and keep you and others safe! If the deviations of 2 successive readings are both larger than 0,01%BAC or 0.1‰BAC or 0.05mg/L, you need to take the test again. Do not block the side air outlet when you're blowing There will be a deviation between the testing value and the true value when the battery of the product is running low. Do not indulge in excessive drinking. Read more JASTEK Fuel-Cell Professional Alcohol Breathalyzer Highly accurate, consistent BAC results The JASTEK - EK-912 Breathalyzer is designed to meet the rigorous standards of expert alcohol tester - from roadside law enforcement to hospital workers and treatment professionals.With a professional grade fuel cell sensor you can rest assured in the quality, consistency, and accuracy that thousands of professionals and individual users rely on. The EK-912 Pass FDA for personal use, making it a top choice of safety-conscious individuals. Test yourself, your family and friends This alcohol tester is equipped with a soft carrying case and 10 mouthpieces replacement. Unique front-facing mouthpiece. The breathalyzer is perfect for testing yourself as well as your friends and family. Take it with you wherever you go and responsible for their own safety and also to reassure their families safety Principles of Fuel-Cell Alcohol Sensor Fuel-Cell alcohol sensor works by obtaining principle of positive proportional current of alcohol molecules with platinum catalyzed "combustion" of alcohol molecules through Fuel-Cell sensor detecting method. This is also the fastest and most stable measurement technology of alcohol concentration at present. Read more Package Include JASTEK Breathalyzer x1 User manual x1 Mouthpieces x10 Storage bag x1 USB cable x1 Read more

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