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Minidiva 12 pcs Tulips Artificial Flowers with LED Light - Real Touch Artificial Flower Bouquet Artificial Flower for Home Decoration, Batte...

Why choose our artificial tulips Special Handcraft: Flower, Leaves and Stem are fixed together quite strong. No color fading and no flower drop off. The steel wire supports stem well and it’s fitting variety kinds of vases. The tulip LED mood lamp, which is more beautiful than daytime at night, has a texture like flower arrangement, and with a slight scent, it gives a different feeling to the interior, day or night. It has various functions as a viewing interior during the day and as an atmosphere regulator and a nightlight at night. The tulips flowers stands for elegance and purity. You can buy it for your parents, friends and lovers as gifts. It’s ideal gift for decorating home, office and parties to add vitality. Read more Natural and Real-like Made of premium PU flower, natural and realistic; firmness and environmental are not easy to fade and always keep the flowers fresh. Each bunch of flowers is equipped with 12 Tulips Artificial flowers(not including the vase), look like real with real touch feeling in vibrant colors.giving you a pleasant visual enjoyment and real touch feeling. Easy Install Super easy to set up, no wiring needed,just can be easily turned on/off via the spin button on the battery box. There are two signs and arrow directions. The sign on the left is off and the sign on the right is on. Twist in the direction of opening and closing. 6 Hours Auto-off The bottom is battery powered and can use two AAA batteries. It automatically turns off after 6 hours. OFF and ON As a viewing interior during the day. As an atmosphere regulator and a nightlight at night. Read more Please Note: The vase is not included in the product. Because it is long-distance transportation, it may be pushed and deformed, but it can be restored with a little adjustment, so please rest assured. In case the petals spread out and the flower buds spread out and look different, you should be able to recover immediately by hitting the flowers with hot steam and then drying the flowers with the cold air of a hair dryer. If you leave it in the room for a long time and there is dust, it is recommended not to wash it by hand. Please wipe it with a damp cloth or wet tissue paper. Please be careful about chromatic aberration due to differences in shooting methods and on-site lighting. Avoid direct sunlight.

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