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MUIFA Steel Tongue Drum 8 Notes 6 Inches Percussion Instrument C-Key Handpan Drum with Music Score, Mallets for Musical Education Concert Mi...

MUIFA Steel Tongue Drum 8 Notes 6 Inches - Play Steel Tongue Drum is a good way to relax after a day's work. Color: Black/Silver/Gold/Blue Size: 6 inches/8 notes Stable: Silicone feet stabilize the drum during playing in case of wobbling Easy to learn: portable size (6"), comes with a music book, Mallets and bag. 8 tongues, tuned, make wonderful music by hands, picks, or mallets Made of high carbon steel material, coated with spraying paint, for better corrosion resistance Wide applications in yoga meditation, spiritual healing, religious activity and more Clean sound purifies people’s mind, relaxes mental tension and enhance concentration Read more Two Timbres with Different Characteristics The sound baffle on the back can change the tone of the steel tougue drum. After installing the sound baffle, the sound will be fuller, deeper and shorter, suitable for playing modern popular music. After removing the sound baffle, the sound is clearer, louder and longer, suitable for playing Chinese classical music. How to Play MUIFA Steel Tongue Drum There are usually two ways to play steel drums: by hand or with mallets. However, playing drums with hands requires a higher standard of palm strength and a more accurate slap position. Therefore, the mallet is preferred for beginners. We also provide 4 finger picks. When you are familiar with playing steel drums, you can try to play it with finger picks. Widely Used in a Variety of Activities In traditional Chinese medicine psychology, music can infect moods and affect the body. Physiologically, when music vibration and physiological vibrations in the human body (heart rate, heart rhythm, breathing, blood pressure, pulse, etc.) ) When they coincide, there will be physiological resonance and resonance, which is the physical and mental foundation of "five-tone therapy." Read more Read more

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