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Shoe Deodorizer Cleaner, Foot Freshener That Eliminate Odors It Comes As A Spray Disinfectant Useable On Both Feet And Shoes Say Goodbye To...

Organic life is proud to present to you our foot shoe deodorizer and cleaner organic non-toxic preservative free. Super Easy to use just spray it directly on feet or shoe before and after wearing it. This shoe deodorizer made » from organic ingredients and also it uses Soapberries and tea tree oil foot spray which is mothers nature natural cleansing agents, our product also made by experienced Nano-technology scientists that have ensured that the solution is bio degradable and can be used as a non-rinse soap solution in applied areas moisturizing and repairing dry or cracked skin. Our shoe deodorizer is a cleaner that we used on all footwear : Shoe Freshener * Sandals * High heels * Sneakers * Boots * Convers * Gym bag * Don’t let the bad smell ruin your favorite shoes or sneaker let’s our shoe odor eliminator terminate it by Directly spray on both feet and massage for 10 seconds or use directly on shoe it also work as a Disinfectant to elimnate unwanted particles that might be residing on the skin of your feet. Why our shoe deodorizer specifically ? Because it provides so many features as : Easy to use, Effective against odors, Protective to feet and shoes , Non-toxic safe , For all family members , Can be used as cleaner and deodorizer , Manufactured in USA

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