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Star Projector Night Light, Coralov Galaxy Star Projector for Room, Starlight Projector with Bluetooth Music Speaker Remote Control for Baby...

Projects ocean wave rgb combined LED nebula and laser green stars onto the ceiling to decor your gaming room, home theatre, living room, bathroom, bedroom and create a soother or lighting up effect. Built in speaker to play music / white noise from either the wireless devices or the USB flash drive for you or to calm and comfort your little bundle. Comes with a versatile remote controller for you to turn on / off the laser led projector, switch the colors, adjust the brightness etc., without having to get up or disturb your little baby. 1-hour, 2-hour timer settings and 4-hour auto shut off preset will definitely meet most of your projection needs. Easy to operate, a popular great gift idea for kids and adults both. We are always stand behind our product so you could buy with confidence. Coralov Nebula Star Projector for Teens Adults Laser Projector + LED Nebula Cloud Dynamic + Calm Vibe Using this projector in your game room, home theatre or at a party, these lights could create a dynamic vibe. Just find a good place to put the star cloud projector then it creates a gorgeous galactic aurora scene to light your whole ceiling up. While when you place it in your bed room, turn this unit on will completely transforms your room and gives it a very calming vibe, creates soothing relaxing environment for you to easily fall asleep . This works both for adults and kids,It has everything you need to calm and comfort your little bundle, not only the soother light projections but also, you could use the built in speaker and wireless music connection feature to play a variety of gentle songs and sounds. Getting your brand-new human to sleep couldn't be easier! Specs Powered by USB Comes with 110-240V wall adapter Red / Green / Blue or each two combined selectable ocean wave clouds Green laser stars with solid and gradient style 40% 70% 100% selectable brightness Music activated Read more BEDTIME PARTY BATH YOGA MEDITATION Read more Read more

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