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XUNPAS Automatic Soap Dispenser,Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Waterproof Base Suitable for Bathroom Kitchen Hotel Restaurant

Feature of Product: 1, This Touchless Soap Dispenser  Activated by infrared sensing ,  handsfree to avoid cross infection. 2,This automatic soap dispenser has large capacity of 450 ml, which is larger than the 200-300 ml capacity of most other simple human soap dispenser on the market. 3,The ABS protective base dish makes the touchless soap dispenser stand firmly on the countertop, which can be installed on the wall of the bathroom or kitchen. (With wall-mounted accessories) Instructions: 1, Press the top switch button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the handsfree soap dispensers soap dispenser. 2,After opening, just press the button to switch between the two (small/large volume) modes dispenser each time. Packing list: 1, Automatic soap dispenser x1 2,Instruction manual x1 3, Wall-mounted accessory bag x1 4,USB charging cable Note: It is best to periodically flush the pump tube with water for 10-20 seconds to avoid clogging of the tube due to condensation of hand sanitizer. Especially in winter. Do not immerse or rinse the entire foam manual soap dispenser in water. Otherwise, a short circuit may occur. (You can place it next to a sink with water splashing)

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